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Hard Faith Beginning — My First Book Release!

This is a book about my time at Adventure Bible School in New Zealand 12 years ago. This is where I converted to Christianity and began having the first ideas about telling Hard Faith stories. This is a very personal journey, but I hope that it is encouraging to others.

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It’s been quite a journey going through this journal and reading all of the words I wrote 12 years ago. Some of this almost seems like a dream, or a movie I have seen, but then some of the journal entry days felt like I lived that moment yesterday. This is my first book I have ever published and it is something I mostly wrote more than a decade ago. This is a story that I feel like I’ve been telling in part ever since these incredible events took place. I have shared my conversion story hundreds of times in different ways and fragments but never in full.

The only people who know the events that took place are my classmates from Adventure Bible School and our ministry leaders. All of their names have been changed for their privacy, but I do miss them all and thank them all for being on this journey with me. Now publishing this journal takes me back to those sweet days of my very first child-like faith. I really cherish these memories and the stories and everything I learned. I hope that this story will hopefully help others find their faith – find their true vibrant, beautiful, messy… hard faith. This is where my hard faith began. I say it is hard faith because my story and my life didn’t get easier or simpler with this new relationship with the Lord, it only became more complicated and difficult. But He was always there, even in the deepest, darkest valleys He was always there and always good.

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