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Hard Faith™ is a media production company established for the purpose of bringing compelling stories about the human condition to a film going audience in a way that artistically and speaks truth to this present generation in a fresh and powerful way.
The world needs quality entertainment and art that speaks truth boldly. We need stories that are set in real-world settings with characters that talk about the ultimate truth. We accomplish this with realistic, real world scenarios and real life characters. Hollywood has been the masters of compelling storytelling for generations. These artists of dramatic cinema have produced some of the worlds greatest existential films dealing with human existence.
Our desire is to make hard hitting, thought provoking secular art with characters who are portrayed as real life, flawed people who still find hope.


We recently trademarked the term “Hard Faith” in order to express what we feel is missing in filmmaking: a third way between “faith-based films” which are heavy on God-content made for Christian first audiences and mainstream films which are entertaining but often not bold enough to talk about the significance of God and the important of faith in our lives. We don’t want to make either mistake, but instead seek to make films that acknowledge both the realities that God exists and life is hard. Imagine if Johnny Cash was making films in the 21st century and that’s what we want to be doing.
“Hard Faith” plays off a few different meanings. First, the honest reality that faith is often difficult and inconsistent. I have had many struggles with faith and yet I take peace in reading some of the church fathers and who also wrestled with God. I think that this is healthy and there needs to be a space especially in the arts to have this honest admission. Second, faith is hard in such an often contradictory and absurd and dark world full of unspeakable horrors. We need a faith that is strong and resilient to persevere in truly hard and realistic times. Faith is hard, and often after going through a life of suffering we develop a resilient and, yes, Hard Faith that can accept very imperfect lives and people with grace.
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